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March 15th, 2023


It’s been less than 48 hours since Open AI dropped GPT-4. We’re collecting all the coolest applications in this thread. Feel free to pitch in if we’ve missed one.

Turn vice into virtue

We’re creatures of habit, us humans. It’s a blessing and a curse.

The brain automates repetitive thoughts and tasks to conserve cognitive and physical resources, but that can make it really difficult to break “bad” habits.

What if it was possible to pick up a good habit at the same time as indulging in a vice?

Well, Trancy turns binge-watching YouTube or Netflix into a language learning course with a simple Chrome extension. Supporting nine languages, it can provide subtitles in two languages at the same time, with word definitions and grammar explanations powered by ChatGPT.

Another language-learning platform integrating OpenAI’s models to supercharge efficiency is Duolingo. The TikTok-famous mascot and friends have been working hard to bring us Duolingo Max: a subscription tier above Super that gives you access to a personalized AI language tutor.

And if it’s AI-powered productivity you want, there’s plenty more where that came from.

Beedone makes leveling up in life as addictive as your favorite video game with personalized motivational messages tailored to specific tasks, the ability to earn XP points, unlock new skills, and track progress with in-app analytics.

Built to address bad meeting hygiene, Fellow 4.1 creates accountability with action items, automatically schedules recurring 1on1s, and helps analyze feedback to reduce meeting overload.

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Binge-watch better
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GPT-4: Everything we know so far
On Tuesday, March 15 2023, OpenAI announced that GPT-4 is available to paid ChatGPT+ subscribers and within the OpenAI API, with a waitlist.
  • Kudos is a free shopping extension that helps you pick the best card at checkout on over 2 million sites and doubles rewards across 15,000 partners.
  • IdeaList lets nomads create and share itineraries for locations around the world.
  • For freelancers, workifAI turns notes from client calls into proposals, writes emails, and has a custom ML model that learns from inputs and autonomously refines its performance.
  • Speedy uses generative AI to help marketers create SEO’d blog posts and social media copy.
  • Logo Maker by Renderforest is a free drag-and-drop logo designer powered by AI.
  • TheSprkl allows designers to accurately translate interface design to Webflow, Flutter, and React.
  • Email QA Checklist helps to avoid mistakes in email content, design, function, personalization, accessibility, deliverability, AMP email setup.