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March 2nd, 2023

Brave has entered the search engine AI battle. As of yesterday, all Brave Search users can now use its new Summarizer AI tool to get to-the-point answers on any search queries.
Is it time to give audio another try?
What can you achieve in 5 minutes? If history is anything to go by, a lot. R.E.M famously composed the song Losing My Religion in 5 minutes, which went on to become their biggest hit, making them a household name across the globe.

Anyone, a new social audio app that connects users with strangers, is betting on the potential of 5-minutes.

5-minute calls: Anyone is a dramatic simplification of what we’ve become used to when it comes to social media. There’s no scheduling, no messaging, no following, and no video. Users who sign up to Anyone list what they're experienced in, what they would like to learn more about, and set topics that they would love to connect on. From there, they’re connected via phone call (yes, a phone call) for a private, 5-minute conversation based on a chosen topic.

You can also join live events known as “switchboards”, which are kind of like speed networking. Users jump from conversation to conversation whilst the app matches you with relevant people.

Then there is “butt dial”, Anyone’s attempt to bring serendipity back into our day-to-day lives. Once a day, the app will introduce you to someone new and give you a topic to talk about.

Why the phone? We get it. Phone calls are brimming with social anxiety for some. Maybe they feel invasive. Plus, our days are defined by calls, so why would we want more? CEO and Co-Founder David Orlic believes that serendipity is a catalyst for great things; the more chance encounters we have, the more potential for good things to happen to us.

The Stolkholm-based startup demonstrated others are yearning for audio connection as well, gaining 10K waitlist signups upon getting started in 2021 and earning a place among Europe’s Hottest Startups. Perhaps the decline of Clubhouse users has left space open for another startup to get us listening.

So, do you have time for a…
5 minute call
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