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February 26th, 2023


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Has the AR hype died down?

The Metaverse might’ve not been all that Zuck had hoped for (yet, at least), but that doesn’t mean AR (Augmented Reality) can’t win. In fact, we continue seeing companies bet on exciting use cases.

Aryel is one of them, a no-code platform that allows marketing and creative teams to use AR for their e-commerce websites. Aryel Ecommerce integrates with existing stores and allows you to upload and embed 3D models of your products. This gives users the ability to see and try on through 3D and AR. Imagine you want to buy a new coffee table but aren’t sure how it’ll look with the rest of your furniture. Stores using Aryel will let you preview the table in your environment using your mobile device camera.

The pressure’s on. Most big players in the space have added AR to boost conversion rates and engagement on their products. This makes it even more critical for smaller merchants to keep up with consumer expectations, particularly as social media platforms seem to be gaining popularity in the e-commerce space. According to JungleScout's Q3 2022 survey, fewer consumers are starting their product searches on Amazon, while TikTok and YouTube witnessed notable increases.

In fact, until late last year, Amazon seemed to be falling behind in its AR offerings. That was until it partnered with Snapchat to launch an AR shopping experience that allows Snapchatters to digitally try on Amazon eyewear via Snapchat.

Aryel, which recently snagged €3.7M in seed funding, also allows merchants to track how well their 3D/AR marketing campaigns are doing through an integrated data dashboard. According to the team, teams using the technology have seen a 41% increase in conversion rates. 

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