Product Hunt Daily Digest
September 28th, 2018
Google's had a terrible, horrible, no good very bad few months.

First, the new Google Chrome update automatically began logging browsing history in perpetuity if you logged into any Google-owned service, like Gmail or YouTube. They quickly backtracked, promising a more secure version with next month's release. They've also been caught secretly tracking your location data... even if you've opted out.

Google also began development of a censored search engine in China and took part in buliding Pentagon-funded AI tools to improve targeting for unmanned drones. Over 3,100 employees signed a petition to dissuade Google from taking the contract.

To top it all off: the EU fined Google $5 billion dollars for antitrust violations earlier this summer. That's a lot of Google Home Minis. 😮

Users are beginning to fight back. Launched yesterday by serial-builder Pieter Levels, No More Google curates the best apps to replace your Google-owned tools. Came in #1 on PH with 850+ upvotes. 🏆

Replacing Chrome? Try Firefox Quantum or Brave.
Replacing Google Search? Try DuckDuckGo.
Replacing YouTube? Try Dlive.
Replacing Google Docs and Sheets? Try Notion and Airtable.

It's community driven, so you can even upvote or add your favorites. Share your thoughts about No More Google in the comments. 🔒
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