Live streaming community on Lino blockchain

DLive is the largest live streaming platform on the blockchain. DLive has become home to streamers from all areas of content creation, from gaming to lifestyle vlogging.

  • Enis Shkurti
    Enis ShkurtiFundition.io - Associate

    It is innovative dApp based on the fastest Blockchain, has many great features,like donating with hearts and sending love.


    It could be more decentralized

    I have been live-streaming and uploading my videos on dLive, and its sweet and so easy to use. They are using Steem Blockchain, which is the fastest blockchain for more the proof you can check in blocktivity, Steem is always on top with fastest transactions. In Dlive also sending donations is present with a methodology sending hearts and hugs, it is recommended definitely.

    Enis Shkurti has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Nothing seems ok about them


    Be more transparent to your customers and fanbase

    This smells like a scam. They sponsor with a well known you-tuber who hasn't a clue about cryptocurrency, then try and get people to buy into their "points". Look at the TOS: https://community.dlive.tv/about... Article 7d: You acknowledge that it is not possible to use the services to convert Lino points to any other value. THE LINO POINTS ARE SOLELY FOR USE IN CONNECTION WITH THE SERVICES AND THERE IS NO OPPORTUNITY FOR PROFITS. Lino points may not be transferred to anyone outside of the site, and may not be sold or otherwise converted into any value.

    Chris has used this product for one week.
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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Thanks for the tip, @davecraige. This is decentralized app that actually makes sense. YouTube has run into challenges with how it pays (or doesn't pay) creators, sometimes linked to censorship. A decentralized version can be 100% transparent and less censored (although that introduces even more issues. Curious to hear your POV on YouTube and why the world needs a decentralized version of it, @charleswayn.
Dave Craige
Dave Craige@davecraige · Founder of TheStudio.io
@charleswayn @rrhoover will be fascinating to watch!
Charles Wayn
Charles WaynMaker@charleswayn · Founder & CEO of DLive
@davecraige @rrhoover , Thanks for supporting DLive. We often see YouTube or Twitch users being judged on their content by the company itself. At DLive we allow the Community to vote whether content can be scene or not, this can be done through upvoting and flagging on the blockchain. DLive also aims to create a platform where all content creators can feel appreciated and monetize their original content, without any fees involved.
Dave Craige
Dave Craige@davecraige · Founder of TheStudio.io
Very cool. cc @rrhoover
Halil Ibrahim Sarikaya
Halil Ibrahim Sarikaya@halil_ibrahim_sarikaya
It supports Dlive users in an unrequited way. You can earn money if you're doing a quality broadcast on Dlive.
Kali@juststeemit · Content Creator
The ONLY way to stream! Accept no substitutes!