Product Hunt Daily Digest
June 21st, 2022

Let's talk about the state of web3

Last week, Bitcoin fell below $19,000. It was the first time dropping below $20K since 2020. As crypto prices fall, controversial stablecoins collapse, and tech leaders like Bill Gates wax skeptical about NFTs, you may be wondering — what’s going to happen to web3?

Everyone from HODL-ers to right-clickers have an opinion but there are still a lot of “what ifs” no one can answer with certainty. Cryptocurrencies have largely been moving in tandem with stocks, and you’ll find as many articles debating the inevitability of a recession as you will the future of web3.

So what is there to do? Just keep shipping. Fears and skepticism have not stopped makers from continuing their on-chain work.

Here are some of the most popular projects we’ve seen in just the past 60 days.

Haha Crypto - App for tracking your crypto and NFTs and cost-basis calculations
YIN Finance - Asset management platform for NFTs that helps with various strategies
Ramper - Free web3 SDK to onboard users who don’t have a wallet to your Dapp - End-to-end no-code toolkit to build NFT memberships
OnJuno - Crypto friendly checking accounts with 6% interest and 10% cashback

Pundits suggest that harsh “crypto winters,” such as the one we’re in now, weed out the “fundamentally worthless projects [that] proliferated” among periods of hype. Makers will definitely be under pressure to make better decisions while confidence and funds wain. We'll be here rooting for thoughtful leaders and the best ideas to break through.

Join us tomorrow for a Twitter Spaces with Peter Yang (Maker Grant Recipient) and Odyssey DAO (Golden Kitty Winner for Education) to talk about the state of Web3. Send us your questions too.

In the meantime, buckle up and…

Track your crypto

Last year, Zoom introduced Zoom Apps which are third-party apps that seamlessly embed in Zoom. While in beta, teams like Miro built their Zoom apps to help with context switching and improve collaboration and productivity amongst your team.

Yesterday, with the launch of Zoom Apps SDK, Zoom opened the program to all developers.

We couldn’t leave Miro out of the spotlight. As it so happens, Miro launched its Miro Developer Platform yesterday too. Makers…

Start building