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May 10th, 2022

Forgetting web3's secret phrases

Passwords are like the headphones that used to come with your new iPhone. No one really wants them. They do the job when you have no better option, but they otherwise offer bad sound and a bad experience.

Security experts hate passwords too. At the tail end of last year, we met a new competitor in the authentication space called Stytch. Julianna Lamb and Reed McGinley-Stempel had worked together on authentication features at Plaid prior to launching their new startup, which uses APIs and SDKs to provide multiple passwordless methods that are easy for companies to integrate into their products.

Just five months later, Lamb and McGinley-Stempel are back with a new product, stepping further into the user experience of logging in (which so happens to come a week after a big update from1Password). The idea for Vessel was guided by the idea of a “passport for the internet,” relevant for web2 and web3 environments.

Vessel lets you manage both your “digital identity and crypto assets” in a secure browser extension. In other words, there’s no need to create passwords or fill out forms again and again. For crypto holders, Vessel’s fully non-custodial Ethereum and Solana wallets (more blockchains to come) eliminate the need for seed phrases. And if you haven’t delved into crypto yet, a secret or seed phrase is a really long stream of random words you’re expected to hold on to safely for life, because passwords weren’t enough already.

“Vessel is our imagination of what authentication would look like if Stytch designed that root account and provided benefits for consumers and businesses across both Web2 and Web3,” Lamb shared.

More and more large companies are experimenting with web3 integrations to help their crypto-holding users. We’ll be watching to see if and how much Vessel helps to onboard more companies into web3, which could accelerate overall adoption.

To passports, not passwords
  • *click click cry* 😢 Apple is ceasing production of iPods, after 22 years. If this news is hard on you too, check out iPod Classic Player for a digital experience.
  • Creattie is a premium Lottie library of curated animations, saving you time on sorting through designs that lack consistency and then some.
  • Marketers: We all know a tag on the “thank you” page isn’t catching all your conversions. Anytrack is a new way to track data across all of your channels.
  • Calendly just dropped Routing Forms as a way to screen and qualify people, offering specific scheduling options based on their answers.
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Matt Perry, a Framer maker behind Framer Motion and Motion One, just launched Motion DevTools, a chrome extension with a timeline interface to inspect, edit, and export animations live on your website with ease.

“This is just the start, with a long roadmap of features and UX upgrades on the horizon. I know what I want to see next, but I'd love to hear what features you want in this tool!”

Iterate fast