Product Hunt Weekly Digest
October 31st, 2021

RIP forms

You aren’t the only one sick of forms. Autofill and password managers help but forms are so rampant online that they’re still a major pain point for everyone.

We wrote about one-click payments along with Bolt and Fast and even explored using robotic process automation in eCommerce earlier this year, but makers are making headway on form-skipping beyond your shopping cart.

Last week, a new platform for discovering and managing B2B content launched called The Juice. The tool curates and recommends content for marketing and sales professionals and enables users to search and filter by content type (eBooks, reports, podcasts, etc.)

The Juice also gives users the opportunity to speed past gated content, meaning they no longer have to fill out a lead generation form every time want to read an eBook. With a click, they can choose whether or not they want to share their data with the brand, and skip straight ahead to the article or file.

In August, we also saw the launch of Netherlands-based Chiff, a new tool for logging into any website using your phone’s biometric authentication tools. If a user is logging into a website on their desktop, a browser extension can send a notification to their phone, where they can use fingerprint or Face ID to securely log in.

Then there’s Transcend Content Manager. Cookie consent forms may not require much keyboard action but they still often result in a consumer experience nightmare.

Transcend uses a browser-level firewall to convert all tracking info into local, quarantined tracking events. Since data doesn’t leave the users’ devices until they’ve provided consent, Transcend enables makers to ask for consent in a less obtrusive way. They can ask visitors for consent later on in the user journey or embed consent into their existing UI.

Users will still have to click to allow or disallow their data-share somewhere, but that’s one less form to jump through.

Skip the B2B form
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