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May 2nd, 2022

An intelligent sketch pad for music creation

We might not have all been blessed with the perfect pitch of a musical virtuoso, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun creating music. The fact of the matter is, even the best artists use sophisticated technology to makes music production easier and more accessible (for you music lovers, we recommend Apple TV’s Watch the Sound with Mark Ronson for more on this).

Splice is one tool being used by millions of musicians and has been around since 2013. It offers a royalty-free sample library that can be used to build new beats or shape your existing sounds.

Today, the Splice team is launching a new product.

CoSo, short for “complementary sounds,” is an AI-powered tool that uses Splice’s catalog to find sounds that work together. CoSo’s goal is to create a fluid sound discovery and music-making experience. The way this works is through something called looping layers. Each layer represents a sound, which can be things such as vocals, beats, basslines, guitars, and keys. You can use up to eight of them for each song. Swiping right on any layer prompts CoSo to quickly find another compatible and complementary sound.

A big focus of the CoSo app is emphasizing the creativity of the users. Although the technology is similar to generative music, the human element (human-centered AI) of being able to choose what to tweak in your tracks makes it different.

“Music will always be subjective, the core principle for CoSo is a good starting point, that delivers on the promise of ‘sounding good.’ We can all agree that something that sounds good might not necessarily be interesting. That’s why we are giving users a set of mechanics to navigate that starting point and make it whatever they want eventually,” Head of AI/ML & Audio Science at Splice, Ale Koretzky adds.

We gave the tool a try and here’s what we came up with. A little bit of “Vintage Cassette” mixed in with some bass and vocals. Kinda groovy, right?

Share yours with the CoSo team.

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