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Creating professional visuals from your browser

Photography used to be an art reserved for those who could afford expensive (and ginormous) equipment. Technology changed that. Everyone’s a photographer in the smartphone age, and with VR/AR gaining momentum 3D seems like an interesting place to be building in. Whether 3D will take over the design space has also sparked discussions.

We take snapshots of our day-to-day life, places we visit, and people we love, but you can still spot professionally made images. You know, the ones you see in Instagram ads and product campaigns. A big part of that is due to how those images are processed and rendered.

Enter Colorful, a browser-based tool for creating 3D images. If that makes it sound too complicated or like you need to be a professional photographer, you don’t. You can think of it as a virtual photo studio for those who have zero experience with 3D modeling but still want to create aesthetically pleasing shots.

“Virtual photography / 3D rendering is not accessible to everyone. Most 3D software is hard to learn and powerful desktop computers are needed for photorealistic renderings, so we decided to offload all the heavy lifting into the cloud, making 3D renderings truly accessible for the first time on any computer,” one of the makers shared on the launch today.

Colorful lets you build your scene from scratch or by using pre-made templates and thousands of 3D props. Need to see how a chair would look in your new living room? Just drag and drop it into your existing frame. You can play around with the (virtual) light and the (virtual) camera to position your subjects and also collaborate with your team and clients to get feedback and create together.

Colorful is not the only one of its kind. We’ve seen some interesting launches in the 3D space recently.

Spline wants to build an easy-to-use 3D-first design tool, Unreal Engine 5 is a tool that offers game developers and creators real-time 3D rendering, and Kaedim Platform and r3DPhoto help turn 2D images into 3D. The same applies to 3D resources, which we’re seeing plenty of. Retro 3d illustrations, 3D Bay for Canva, and Lottie in 3D are only some of the interesting ones.

The Colorful team is looking for feedback from the community as it’s rolling out the beta, which currently offers its PRO plan free of charge. Feel free to share your creations with them or chime in in the comments.

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