Join over a million musicians using Splice to find sounds, get gear, and connect with one another.
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File this under, "Why didn't I think of that?!" Version control for music. Awesome.
Raise announced & beta launch today:
Looks like it only works with Ableton, but still pretty cool stuff. Worth a look!
@nbashaw took a look back at this one and realized they now support Garageband and Logic Pro X. Good new for me since I'm a Logic Pro X user!
@nbashaw Yeah, definitely a limitation, but makes sense for the musical niche their product would most easily fit into. By the way, sorry I didn't say hi last night. I saw you at the happy hour, but got caught up in other conversations. It was a fun time though and I'm sure I'll be at the next one.
Splice just launched into public beta, and revealed its DNA Player, an interactive web music player where you can mute and solo any track/instrument of a song, and leave timed comments.