Product Hunt Daily Digest
April 3rd, 2022

"Talk to your users."

It’s something makers hear every day. The folks at Butter did, and it turns out their users needed a way to collaborate on the go. Hence, today’s launch – Butter for mobile.

You might remember Butter from its distinctive yellow branding or one of three nominations in the Golden Kitty Awards this year.

Butter initially launched when the pandemic hit as a way for facilitators to recreate the energy and collaboration of traditional, in-person workshops. Two years in and “our users told us that they want to be able to use Butter for ALL their meetings — including more routine stand-ups, townhalls, 1-on-1s, and more casual discussions,” maker Jakob Knutzen shares.

Today’s launch comes as a response to user feedback and includes “a time-boxed agenda to keep things on track, fun emoji reactions, soundboards, GIFs in the chat, a hand-raise queue to minimize the awkwardness of talking over each other, and easy polls.” Cue the cat GIFs.

While some are making their way back to the office “just to sit on Zoom calls,” remote events and get-togethers don’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Last week saw Golden Kitty Award winner Vowel move from private to public beta to help async, distributed teams make brainstorm sessions, recurring meetings, and user interviews more productive.

What do you think? Are we butter off collaborating remotely, or is this the end of an era?

Ch-ch-ch-churn it up

CryptoMarry wants to rethink commitment. The website lets you register your union on-chain, mint an NFT marriage certificate, create your own family DAO, and manage joint crypto assets.

In case of divorce, crypto assets are split equally between partners.

To web3 weddings
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