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Time to rise and grind. It’s Hustle Hour.

Golden Kitty Award winner Uizard launched Uizard Hat 1.0 today. The team is taking no-code to the next level, claiming that the new product lets you create design mockups straight from your mind. The makers explained that in order to unleash the power of true design thinking, all you need to do is “put on your Uizard Hat 1.0, visualize your product, and there you have it: from idea, straight into fully interactive prototype.” Talk about visionary.

Speaking of no-code, the Clover team is feeling nostalgic and launched CloverCities. The website builder brings back the creativity of the early web for Web 1.0 homepages. Think glitter, rainbow, and neon. “The drag and drop interface is packed with everything you need to express yourself and possibly cause seizures,” the team explained.

If you’re more of a “go outside and get your hands dirty” kind of maker, VC Turner Novak is launching the Banana Capital Accelerator. The premise is simple: receive $125k for 7% ownership of your banana farm. And we all know how much VCs love to be helpful, so they promise to roll up their sleeves, dig deep, and plant the seeds of the future. They “add value with capital, advice, fertilizer discounts, and an exclusive customer network.” Call us intrigued.

We’re not sure what it was, but today felt like a great day for product launches. Here are a few more unbelievably good ones that caught our eye:

🎮 Finally, a productive way to use your PS5. The FlutterFlow Console lets you build native mobile apps directly from your joystick.

👃 Pond5 Nasal Navigator uses advanced olfactory technology to identify smells you just can’t put your nose on.

😾 ShameBot by WFHomie makes shaming your teammates easy. Whenever they make a mistake, ask a dull question, or make a cringy comment, this is how you make them question their self-worth.

🎥 Hide the Pain Harold's April Prank helps you create personalized prank videos with the Internet’s meme-star.


Put your Musk face on and fight the bad guys in this simple, web-based game developed by Ukrainian programmers.

  • Create cards collaboratively and asynchronously with GreetPool. When everyone’s written their wishes, you can schedule the card to be sent to the recipient on the day.

  • Breaking Bad Intro Creator lets you create an opening animation, automatically finding the chemical elements for your text.

  • Mark Copy uses GPT-3 to help you write and collaborate on marketing content.

  • MarketGap is a product research tool that helps you find and sell profitable products on Amazon.

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Daily Digest
Monday through Friday
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