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#4 Product of the WeekFebruary 18, 2020
A curated library of productivity hacks. Uncover the hidden 1% in every tool you use. This will compound and be your new superpowers.
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👋🏽 Hey PH community :) Meet @lukek and I are both productivity lovers. In my case this love even goes so far that I devote my entire time to building (I guess you can tell, I have an affinity to .so domains hah) is a simple product that helps you discover nice shortcuts or hidden UX. Our favorite is switching accounts in Gmail by swiping down on your avatar. But we gathered way more of those little tips, so you don't have to. Another feature which we hope you are going to enjoy is our very own version of ⌘+K. For this launch you can already do a few actions. But we are going to expand them! :) Long story short: check out, sign-up for the email list and enjoy 2 hacks per week. Straight into your inbox. :) 💌 from Berlin to where ever you are.
@lukek @muellaire Great work guys! Favorite page now and slick design 🔥
@muellaire @solerbor Thanks so much for the support, happy you like our little collection of hacks 💌🤩
@lukek @solerbor Thanks so much man, amazing to have met you via live-tweeting about this! Looking forward to see teami come to live :)
Nice library and domain name but neumorphism is used for real already? oh no
@elmasryahmed haha thanks, glad you enjoy it! we somehow had to jump on the neumorphism hype train. if you want to check out the Figma file just visit our page → hit ⌘+K → figma and press enter :)
🔥🔥🔥 love the side project @muellaire !
@enzo_avigo oooh damn, means the world! Your referral side project from back in the days was a strong inspo 🤩
Did you build the CMD-K spotlight command tool from scratch or did you use a library for that? If you used a library, what is it called? If not please make it one so I can grab it ASAP!! <3
@yogert96 Haha glad to hear your excitement for my poor programming skills. I will try to make it independent of the rest of the code and open source. Watch out 👀
@muellaire Definitely down to help out if you needed, this is the next big web design pattern!
@yogert96 Yeah 💯 You wanna DM me on Twitter to figure out how we can get that done? :)
@muellaire @yogert96 please post back if you sort this!
Did you know you can switch accounts in Gmail by swiping down the avatar?
🙋‍♀Yes 🙋‍♂️
🙅‍♀️No 🙅‍♂️
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@muellaire have been using this since discovering it here 🎉
@akarshsanghi Yeyy, let me know if you want us to look into other products 📱💻
@muellaire damn this is gonna change my life 🤯
@draptis Hahaha, that's what @lukek and I wanted to achieve!! Which one stands out for you?
@muellaire @akarshsanghi sameeee. Can't believe how easy it is. 1 click everything