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Product Hunt Weekly Digest
July 16th, 2018
Subject: Product Hunt hooked us up
To: Your boss
From: You and your team

Hi {{Your Boss's Name}}!

TechCrunch's Disrupt SF conference is coming up in September, and Product Hunt just hooked us up with a special extra 15% discount on Early Bird tickets.

Barista robots, decentralized scooters, self-driving cars, and automated food delivery bots – San Francisco is a melting pot of of cutting-edge tech.

Dara Khosrowshahi (Uber CEO), Reid Hoffman (Greylock), Cyan Bannister (Founders Fund), Brian Armstrong (Coinbase CEO), Whitney Wolfe Herd (Bumble), Sophia Amoruso (Girlboss), and dozens more will be answering questions and meeting with attendees.

This will help me succeed in my role because {{of a super convincing reason}}. We have to move quickly: the discount expires July 25th.

What do you think? Link to sign up is here.

-{{Your Name}} {{Your Favorite Emoji}}


We get it. Conference tickets, hotels, and flights are expensive... so we've partnered with TechCrunch got you a killer discount on tickets to their upcoming conference in San Francisco.

We also pre-wrote the email you should send to your boss to get the conference expensed. Our little secret.

The Product Hunt team will be there too. See you soon 👋

Today’s Weekly Digest was crafted by Product Hunt (we are TechCrunch users!) and sponsored by our friends at TechCrunch. 😊

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If you want to get a real-time preview of your pixel-art photography, this Pixel Art Camera will let you take deliciously retro pictures. 📸
For the artists, this Pixel Art Studio from Microsoft is like Photoshop but specifically for pixels. Design your own 8-bit world without busywork. 📝
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