Pixel Art Camera

Real-time pixel art camera

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Pixel Art Camera is a creative and unique app that turns ordinary photos into pixel art. It is highly optimized to deliver real-time processing as well, so users can record videos in pixel art style directly from the camera. It also offers dozens of fun and cool effects as a complement.

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Luiz Braga
Luiz BragaMaker@luizbraga · Software engineer
Thank you so much, Nichole, for hunting us! I am one of the creators of Pixel Art Camera. I hope everyone will have as much fun playing with our app as we had building it :)
AkhilSinghT@akhilsinght · Engineering+Products+Usability+Wirk
Web version please!
Mini John™
Mini John™@theminijohn · 🤘Growth Engineer · full-funnel marketer
I was so pumped trying this out. But *literally* every couple minutes an ad pops up. Uninstalled directly :(
Luiz Braga
Luiz BragaMaker@luizbraga · Software engineer
@theminijohn Thank you for your feedback. We will take it into consideration for the next update.
nirmal singh
nirmal singh@nimpetro
Pixel Art Camera is awesome. after editing with the there is no loss of image quality. I am using it. I have printed a lot of images that I have created with the pixel art. I work with Epson Printers Support so I have quite an interest in editing software.