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July 18th, 2016

TEST: Life Changing Chrome Extensions 👼
Remember a time before Chrome Extensions... When Chrome was fast? Well that world doesn't exist anymore, and Chrome Extensions have become an essential part of our life. Try these:

☝️ OneTab is an elegant solution to all your open Chrome tabs
🚨 PanicButton closes (and later restores) all your Chrome tabs at once
🔇 SmartMute ensures only one tab is playing sound at the same time
👼 Grammarly will save you from a embarasssing spellling/grammer gaff
📸 Marker lets you send badass screenshots to Slack, Trello, Github
💻 And for you developers... Check out Marmoset🙂

For more, check these 7 Life Changing Chrome Extensions on Medium and follow the Chrome topic on Product Hunt..
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