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Excited for the relaunch of API Changelog as a stand-alone business! I've known @bpedro since his Tarpipe days (an earlier attempt at something like Zapier meets Yahoo! Pipes). They've taken everything they've learned and poured it into a suite of tools for managing APIs and community.
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@chrismessina @bpedro This is great. Always wondered why API docs are not made keeping technical people in mind. A lot of non-tech people wanna use APIs to serve business needs but fail to do so because of the jargon involved.
@chrismessina Thanks, Chris! I really appreciate all the input you've been giving us since the Tarpipe days :-).
@sarthakgh Thanks for your kind words, Sar! That's exactly why we're launching Hitch: to bring APIs to the greater, non-technical audience. Please keep sending any feedback. /cc @chrismessina
@chrismessina @bpedro ditto! Couldn't have said it better myself. Genius team at work.
@andr3 Thanks a lot, André! Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions. /cc @chrismessina
Great product! I already liked API Changelog (brilliantly simple) and the new community and management features make it just a must.
@jordiromero Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jordi! We believe the community features really help API owners better understand their audience.
API changes : a real problem. For the API supply chain. For integration. For trust. Looking forward to see Hitch become the API credit rating agency. #HitchIsTheNewFitch
@medjawii That's a great comparison, Mehdi! Being able to fulfill that would make us all very proud. Thanks for your valuable input.
@bpedro I know some modest minds who tried to solve it too. http://www.programmableweb.com/n... You have all my support!
@bpedro you should also check with @adamd with its new initiatives as everydeveloper.com and http://www.docstocode.com/
@medjawii I know ;) That makes your comment even more valuable. Thanks!
@bpedro The business model at the end of such "agency" was to sell SaaS/API insurance, coupled with API Terms of service Changelog support/advises and SLA guarantee. Go for Hitch now!
Good luck guys! Keep shipping!
@malcolmbell Thanks, Malcolm!