A friendly place to exchange anonymous videos with strangers



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Ryan Hoover — Founder, Product Hunt
So many have tried creating anonymous social networks (notably Secret) but they often devolve into trolling. Add photos/videos and people get super self-conscious and wieners. RealTalk has a good vibe to it and pixelates every video to hide one's identity.

UPDATE: I've been playing with the app more this morning and finding it particularly fun to speak with people around the world. I do this on Twitter all the time but this is the only app that facilitates this type of global interaction with video.
@rrhoover Hey thanks for sharing this. We've been iterating a lot on the product the last few months and have a lot in the works based on what we've learned so far. But interested to hear feedback or things that confused you.
I really love genius solutions to challenging issues, like bandwidth
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