Your favourite advice

Raitis Velps
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Hiya! All of us at some point got advice that has stuck with us until this very day. Lets share them with world. Mine is “Think slow, act fast” - meaning take your time making the decision, but when you do - jump on it with mamba mentality.


Victor David
Raitis, love the mamba mentality! There's been several pieces of advice that have stuck with me but I'll relate one: When I was first learning to drive my best friend's Mom (who was in the car with us) told us to always try to have an emergency escape maneuver, this is: keep away from other cars if possible to be able to move out of the way from an unexpected danger. I took this advice to heart and many years later it saved my life. A giant truck tire came flying out of the darkness one night heading right for my hood. I was clear of other cars and made an emergency lane change. The tire just missed me. I wrote my friend’s Mom a letter to says thanks.
Can't remember the exact quote but a previous manager of mine used to say if you've got something difficult to do light several fires to get it done - as at least one of them will succeed.
To write everything down. I have pages upon pages of the results of many a braindumping session, and, since it's all digital, organizing the info is no trouble at all + the search function gives me easy access to any part of it as well. P.S. sudden thought, as I'm writing the response - very commercialized but I must admit Nike's "Just do it" has to be THE best piece of advice I have ever heard from any source. It's an ongoing mantra I have in my head literally 24/7. Struggling to make a decision - Just do it. Procrastinating on a task - Just do it. Scared to make a move - Just do it. Marketing Gods, level 100.
Raitis Velps
@mynameisana ohh hell yeah about “Just do it.” As simple as commercialised it is - its very profound.
Valeria Migova
Never give up. For me, this is a reminder that I need to believe in myself and my abilities. At any time, you can drop everything and give up, and this is the simplest thing :)
Mahak from Outgrow
Mine is "Let go of your past as soon as possible and live in this moment"
Ana Dodig
Make some boundaries and learn to say NO.
Ana Dodig
@ihar_murashka I think we all have that problem, especially within family and that's normal, we care a lot and sometimes we just go against our will for their wellbeing. But I have problems with saying No in work conditions and I hate that.
Igar Volan
You can't achieve something new by doing the same you have been doing before it. I really like it. So you constantly need to change your behaviour if you change your life goals.
Atul Ghorpade
Consistency is the key.