How do you prep for your upcoming week?

Raitis Velps
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Hiya! How do you prepare for you upcoming week? Is there specific method you are using, just winging, or maybe deep diving in Notion to meticulously plan out each detail. Also, if you have tried some method and it didnt work out for you — could you please also share that experience?


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Def. needs some tips from here! ))
Sadly no - I just find a task from my task list and have a go at it!
Raitis Velps
@maxwellcdavis do you keep them prioritised?
Leo Le Roy
I drink coffee :) And review my to do list
Raitis Velps
@leo_le_roy interesting to learn if you have big chunk of all todos, or do you manage them somehow? :)
Sav Cooper
My CEO @jake_gutstein had us all subscribe to the Getting Things Done Method. On Sundays I review the list of all my current projects and goals and break them down into actionable to-dos for the week. Helpful article:
Ira GI
I plan everything a few weeks in advance
Raitis Velps
@ira_gi hiya! would you mind sharing how you deal with things that is out of scope of your initial plan? i cant imagine my week going full on how i planned it on monday 😄
Harry Kulkarni
On weekends, I schedule tasks for the week. I usually schedule fewer tasks for Monday and Friday. This approach works very well for me and I very rarely move tasks. I described my approach to planning personal goals, projects, and tasks in the article: