Your favorite podcast?

Vian Trinh
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A podcast that you've been a fan since day 1, or a love-at-first-hear one that you wish to have discovered earlier.


I've always enjoyed the Smart Passive Income Podcast (and Ask Pat) by @patflynn - been listening to it since 2013... Recently I've been enjoying the Indie Dads Podcast (as they're trying to do what I am!) I've also just started to listen to the Wannabe Entrepreneur which is a very humble take on starting up -
Malcolm Jack
Thanks for the mention @maxwellcdavis :) My perennial show has been @csallen has such an easy-listening interviewing technique.
Vian Trinh
@maxwellcdavis They seem to generate good energy for indie builders. Will check them out. Thank you! :)
Alina Ihnatiuk
I love to hear something about psychology, femininity, health. It's hard to pick out one favorite
Vian Trinh
@antonovna ahhh the dilemma of choice. How about a favorite of each topic? ;)
Jake Gutstein
Prof G show for understanding macro market forces. Snacks Daily for business news. Freakonomics radio for journalism. Gimlet's StartUp podcast for inspiration. Keynotes and Dissect for my fix in music.
Nik Hazell
@jake_gutstein Freakonomics is brilliant - such a diverse range of topics...
Jake Gutstein
@vianingrowth Of course! Did you get the chance to listen to any?
I really liked The Stakeholder Podcast. It's hosted by Ed Freeman. All the guests are really interesting! Here is the link:
Keren Brickman
My Favorite Murder :)
Justin Grow
As an old nerd, I love the Retronauts podcast. Great discussion about some of the best games from the days of yore.
Vian Trinh
@julgr I just checked the website and it feels like hopping on a time machine! My childhood happiness just comes alive :) Thank you, Justin.
Sav Cooper
On Being with Krista Tippet - she talks to such a diverse set of thought leaders and is a fantastic conversationalist.
Vian Trinh
@sav_cooper Sounds wonderful. Do you have a favorite episode to recommend for me, Sav? :)
Ira GI
i don't listen to podcasts
Vian Trinh
@ira_gi So which medium do you prefer Ira? Book or video? :)
Ivan Vorobyev
My favorite podcast is Joe Rogan's podcasts. I really like him and the nice guests. Maximum open-minded and pleasant person. Great release topics. Especially where they talked about cbd and cbd gummies. Talked about how safe it is. Also touched on a lot of other interesting topics. Joe Rogan talked about which brand of cbd he himself used and which he advised against using. It was fun.
Mikhail Ivanenko
Andrew Huberman from Stanford. That guy is amazing!