Your biggest FAIL at the new job position? )))))

Sofia Polonska
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Ruben Wolff
Okay, here we don't see fails, we see opportunities to learn (it sounds better and it's not completely false haha). We found out growing a twitter account is not as easy as planned
Sofia Polonska
@rubenwolff Got you BRO I mean fail in a sense of humor! Anyway thank you for sharing)
Alex Briukhovetskyi
On my first day as an email marketing intern, I sent to 50k Spanish users email... written in Italian. It turned our actually pretty well, as they were all calling our sales team asking WTF))
Sofia Polonska
@alex_briukhovetskyi1 oh! sound like a virus trick) love it ) sometimes best friendship with a client starts from fight ( and not only with a client )
David Rodgers
Thought indie makers are from India....
Anton Ross
I spent a week running ads to a non-working address =)))))
Jen Chua
Posting/publishing a post with wrong grammar. Btw please do check my company's site