How to choose right name for your startup? Tell your story!

Sofia Polonska
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Sergey Voynov
I'm not sure if we were on the right track. But it turned out funny. We have created a product called Information Leaks Detection (ILD). Our marketers have come up with a souvenir - a casino chip. It had a fancy lettering typeface (ILD). When you turn it upside down, you get the inscription G71. It stuck so tightly in my head so that we named the company - G-71.
Edward G
This was a big challenge for me since that creative stuff doesn't come naturally to me. But I took a few different routes starting with brand: what's the look/tone/feel I wanted. Also what don't I want. Then I drafted a bunch of keywords tied to what my service does. The service provides a summary of the key parts of the stock research journey. This involved using a thesaurus and word association generators (my favorite was: I want my brand to be somewhat informal but still professional. Since this is the financial realm, professionalism is important to be taken seriously. I also wanted to emphasize the other aspects of the service: ease of use, simplicity, getting the information fast. In the end I came up with Sitch, short for situation because you're getting the Sitch on the market and stocks. It captured the brand and product perfectly. It also worked well when cross-checking available domains which is how I came to so I can emphasize "getting the Sitch" and its memorable. I also annoyed my friends and network plenty for their thoughts as well so I have to give them a shoutout :)
Ben Peters
Pick this up from A Hundred Monkeys, amazing naming agency:
Frederick Sieber
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