Y Combinator (still) worth it?

Matthias Strodtkoetter
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I am wondering if being part of Y Combinator would have a big impact on our product development and user traction. What do you think?


Matthew Johnson
It will certainly help with fundraising and recruiting, which ultimately will help with product development and user traction if you hire the right people. I think if you get in to YC it would be crazy not to take the investment and join the accelerator. The only downside really is the time and the (pretty reasonable) dilution.
Edward Park
I second that. I have a few friends who went through the YC program, and it is worth it when it comes to hiring, especially outside of the US territory. Investing-wise it helps but I think that is case by case. I've seen a ton of startups that did much better than the avg. YC companies, but there are startups that did really well with the YC demo day presentations and subsequent fundings. As @mattcrail touched on, I think time you have to spend with the YC curriculum and the dilution due to the YC investment are the ones that you have to consider before you start off with them.
Jack Davis
The opportunities opened up to you if you go through YC are insane. This question is a no brainer, I think most people would actually pay them absurd amounts of money just to get in. The only reason you would not want to go through is if your company was genuinely too big and had 50+ employees. The two main things YC focuses on in the three months are product development and user traction. Lastly numbers do not lie, they have taken over 125+ companies to have valuations of $150 million+ in valuation.
Mike Costanzo
@jack_davis7 is right. I haven't been through YC but if you aren't successful the connections gained and experience must be worth much more than any dilution. There is a reason some founders go back into YC even after they exit from startups founded through YC originally and I imagine the connections, support, and doors that are opened for you when you need them is a huge factor. Some friends just applied so I'll be interested to see their journey if they make it through.
Ilia Pikulev
You never know which strings will be the ones changing your fate :) As YC application is not a big problem to fill out, I think the one can easily try and see. If they are selected - well, that means that someone believed in their idea. If not selected, well, at least the one knows that there is something what needs to be improved.