Would you use this Chrome extension? What can we do to make it better?

Abel G. weldu
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We are currently about to roll out a chrome extension we have been working on. Brutally honest Feedbacks are appreciated. https://drive.google.com/file/d/...


Abel G. weldu
I would also love to have some tips on the launch.
Angi Bowman
That's a really neat extension! I can see so much great use cases for it. Is there a way to toggle it on and off quickly? I can imagine that it would be helpful most of the time, but it may be in the way on the rare occasion.
Abel G. weldu
@lucky__angi Thank you Angi for the feedback. Yes, it totally can be off putting in some use cases. That's why we have went with "hover away" to toggle it off seamlessly. Thank you once again for your feedback. :)
Archisman Das
This looks very interesting although I think the demo can be a bit more clearer. I can see myself using something like this assuming the performance will get better over time.
Abel G. weldu
@archisman_das Thank you for the feedback Archisman. The performance is definitely better. We made the demo slower for people to see the progress.
Misha Krunic
Looks interesting to me! Also, liking the change you've made to the logo! Good luck!
Lukas deConantsesznak
Looks interesting! Would be helpful to have all the use cases listed out. I like the part where you can preview a Google search of a highlighted phrase.
Abel G. weldu
@lukas_deconantsesznak Hey Lukas, Thank you for the feedback. Here are the use cases. 1. It enables you to view articles/contents posted on social media sites, without opening the actual link on a new tab.(eliminates the annoying back and forth). 2. A way to research selected text without opening a new tab. Just select and hover over it. 3. a floater google popup to research something without interrupting your current tab.