Virtual Assistant but with Joe Rogan's voice?

Abel G. weldu
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User: Hey Joe, Recipe for chocolate cake. VA Joe: "Idk but, I have this recipe for elk meat steak with wood grill. Jamie, pull up the wood grill I was talking about." Feel Free to comment more potential conversations with VA JOE.
Yes, I would use it.
No. but, have you tried DMT?


David J. Kim
Co-Founder of Between
Hahaha definitely sounds like a fun idea Abel!
Raj Vasani
Paid Ads specialist for Digital Growth
User: Hey Joe, which is the wildest animal? VA Joe: "Man it's the chimpanzees, I saw this video of them and that is the wildest shit I've seen. Jaime, pull up that video.."
Abel G. weldu
Head of Product @Gebeya INC
Andres Campo
Founder @Buildup Camp
Have you tried Kale?