Would you try real-time audio-only dating?

Leo Spanovic
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Hey everyone, I am doing market fit for the app that would be limited only to the audio experience. I hypothesize that removing visuals, focusing only on audio could lead to a more meaningful connection. On the other hand, this approach would require more input from the subject itself. The main question is if the reward you can get from such a talk would justify the input needed to get it. What are your thoughts on the subject? Thanks for sharing!


David Tran
I agree that audio brings real connection but image is really important for me. I wouldn't date anyone that too far away from my looks expectation. I think you can remove chating feature from your dating app.
Leo Spanovic
@davidtranwd thanks for sharing! Would you invest some time into chatting with someone before you see visual of him? Or visual first is the most
David Tran
@smukec I spent a lot of time on dating apps so I am not going to waste my time anymore. So I don't want to waste time to chat with someone I don't like visually either.
Leo Spanovic
@davidtranwd I got it! I am still curious might do it as experiment only. I am really temped to leave visuals at least in first step to people imagination. In case you get a match-match you can take it to the next level
Michael Ventures
Its funny that you mention this. On clubhouse i am starting to see a lot of dating rooms popping up. And a few people have actually went on a few date's from these room. Like david tran said you still need a visual aspect but it can work. in reality this reminds me of the old chat lines / party lines that use to come on late at night. They were super successful back in the day.
Leo Spanovic
@inumel I remember mIrc times - you didn't have any visuals then, but connections were still made. I will probably go to with experiment at least to see what's gonna happen.
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Brittany Salas
Yes! Have you seen Love is Blind? Spoiler: It was terrible. Nevertheless, I believe there are humans capable of a creating a sexual attraction based on conversation, maybe enough to build a product for :) Dating apps are a terrible experience, any innovation in this area is much needed.
Kate Middle
It's a great idea. Think about a huge variety of dating apps. All are based on images. So this is a fresh idea. I think when writing you can make up any story you want, but when you speak with someone you'll express your genuine feelings. I take as an example silver dating app. IMHO, it's great there are apps for senior people, but would't they be more popular if they had an audio option?
Osborn Tyler
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Kirman Smith
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