Would you pay a monthly subscription for UI testing services?

Shem Leong
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There's productized services for design, writing and marketing, but it seems like it's much harder for developers to adopt this kind of business model. How about something really narrow in scope such as UI testing? Original poll: https://twitter.com/sssslyz9/sta...


Nabeel Amir
There are plenty of reasons to believe that automated and manual testing have a bright future together. But there's always room for improvement, and if the latest UI testing trends are any indication, the landscape will continue to shape up over the next few years. Whether it's service subscriptions, predictive analytics, or visual feedback, UI testing services will only become more comprehensive in the coming years as they try to meet the needs of both developers and designers.
Amanda Trincher
It all depends on the type of services and the quality of such testing. My company is currently collaborating with test automation company but we would test a similar solution for UI/UX as well