Would you like to work from a cafe full time?

advait vaidya
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Hi, I'm currently shifting to a full time WFH thing. Have you guys tried out working from cafes as a full-time basis? P.s- I'm also looking this as an opportunity to test a platform where freelancers can get monthly packages from different cafes (can create a win-win for both parties...something like AirBnB for co-working.) Thanks, looking for your views.


Nitish Rathee
check out: https://www.andco.life - it's £20 a month. unlimited usage (If I remember correctly) and a lot of cafes give you free tea/coffee. It builds footfall - and hopefully someone sitting around at a cafe all day might buy some food or help by marketing as a popular cafe. I would personally prefer something that works like cafe credits - gets me a coffee at 50% of the price, I pay a fixed amount for credits monthly. You can also include a free cushion for joining the platform as most cafes have very uncomfortable wooden seating - designed for short stays.
Cezary Dobrowolski
Well, full-time sounds very exhausting. Remote work let's us be wherever we feel like to, so I'd rather visit a couple of different places, including working in my own office, than spend the entire day in a cafe. I would need more details on the platform you mention to say what I'm thinking. It can be either awesome or totally bad.
Glenn V
at the moment (with all cafe's closed for several months in Belgium) this sounds like a wonderful idea 😅 I have been involved in a project with a similar vision: https://www.thirdplaces.io/brand... feel free to reach out! as @wekh mentioned, I don't think that a full-time cafe is my preferred option. It may be nice to do some type of meetings (eg. with colleagues living close to your home) but I prefer a mix of different environments in the near future (sometimes at the office, some tasks I will do from home, etc.)
Khalid Belghiti
Not sure about the idea. I mean it's fine to work in a café from time to time (pre and post covid of course)... but that's definitely not a good option for full-time work (at least for me). In addition to this, if the subscription gets too expensive (let's say > 100-150$ per month), I would definitely prefer co-working spaces (they include sometimes coffee and snacks). They offer a better work atmosphere and you can meet more like-minded people than in a regular café.
Ivan Homola
We run a similar business in the Czech Republic. We offer a monthly coffee subscription. Basically, you pay a fixed monthly fee in exchange for free coffee in our partner cafes. Many freelancers are using this service to get to know cafes around the city.
Harshil Sharma
Yes, but not always. I mean with remote work we can be in a cafe one day, in a resort the next day and on a beach later on :)
Vishal Srivastava
I have tried this but did not like. Too much noise and distraction. Not to speak of increased caffeine intake :) I prefer co-working spaces.
Bryan Seok
From a personal point of view, I would rather work at home. Cafes can be sometimes noisy and distractive. But I'm sure there are some people who are better working at active and public spaces, but I'm sure they sometimes need their private space or time.
Nachiket Patel
I would suggest you to opt for coworking space rather than a cafe. Working from cafe comes along with a lot of limitations and might seem fun and comfortable for a few days but not for long.
Aaron O'Leary
Probably! I love cafe sounds as cliched as that sounds. Looking forward to doing so once the pandemic ends
I prefer a combination of work places depending on what I'm doing. Most cafe furniture is also not ergonomic.
Alex Walther
I used to work from cafes pre-pandemic on the regular, usually to break up my day (WFH in the mornings, cafe in the afternoon for a change). Would definitely consider a monthly subscription that includes coffee, fast wifi, and a spot, even if I wasn't gonna use it all/every day.
Piotr Zgierski
It's hard to say whether the idea is good or not. In coworking offices it is quieter and the conditions are better. I would bet for cafes once in a while, noise and confusion every day would be more distracting than a source of inspiration.
Hannah S Kim
I do like going to a cafe on some days to brighten up my mood a bit with a different atmosphere and a choice of drink at hand, but I think it would be tiring if I work from one full-time. I think the beauty of cafes comes from being able to go during special designated times :)
Vladimír Seman
depends. many remote workers prefer to work from home where they set up the work environment how they want. i tried to work in cafes few times, but did not like the noise.
No, to much noise, too expensive to buy smth all the time, wrong setup
Adeline Nicholas
That would be allot of caffeine hahahaha
Elizabeth L. Caroll
As a junior I worked in a cafe. Quite a difficult job, because you need to constantly stand on your feet, but at the same time the work is quite interesting. You can use an unlimited supply of coffee and you will not get anything for it.
Vageta San
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