How to find marketers to work with you on a profit sharing basis?

advait vaidya
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Hi community, I'm an indie maker and I love to create products for the people out there. But whenever I try to do sales and marketing, I start lacking. I want to ask the PH community that how they contact a marketer which can work on it also as an indie project and make money with profit sharing or equity model. Also, is there any platform where makers can connect with sales peeps and marketers?


Natalie Furness
Hi Advait, I am a product marketing and SAAS sales strategist. I would be interested to learn how you think you should approach marketers. A smart marketing and sales professional is likely to only take a profit share deal if they can see you have already got an element of product market fit and assets required to help them close deals quickly, else they are going to be working for less than their hourly salary. If you offer equity, that would be a different matter. You can find marketers on Linkedin or Twitter, or multiple Freelancer sites, if you know what you are looking for.
advait vaidya
@natalie_furn thanks for this awesome reply. Is there a niche platform for that? Also do people starting out in marketing would be interested in something to get their hands on practically? Because as a maker I started by creating small tools and cool side projects on a personal level. 😁
Natalie Furness
@natalie_furn @advait_vaidya I suppose marketers are like anyone. Those that have experience have vowed not to do more work for free, and those that lack experience would require management or help from you. You could always look at mentorship programs to see if you could be paired with a marketer? It depends what you need doing? Have you thought about the marketing activities that you would like help with?
Kelvin Katungu
How do I put links in social media posts wothout my account getting burned
Meng Wee Tan
Good ones will never be free.