Working on self-serve user onboarding, what is your best advice/best example for a B2B SaaS ?

Paul-Henri Hersen
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Joyce Kettering
Just did onboarding today. It was pretty cool :) Ok, there's a bit of recency bias there! Airtable and Notion do a great job but perhaps not "pure" B2B
This page seems to have a lot of great examples: Also @ph_hersen I'm currently preparing the launch of my onboarding/product tour creator app for SaaS businesses, and looking for early adaptors who would try it. I'll reach out to you, maybe it's something that could be useful 🚀
@m_kamrani I would love to but I haven't figured out how to send message through Product Hunt, I think it's impossible 😅 please contact me at ✉️
Paul-Henri Hersen
@johnnyfekete It is exactly the website I was looking for. Huge thanks ! And yes, it could be useful for both of us
@ph_hersen sure, I think I found you on LinkedIn, but if I wrote to a total stranger 😅 than just write me an email
flo merian
@ph_hersen Hi Paul-Henri! I was in your shoes last year. Here's some of the best stuff I found:
  • Growth.Design — I especially liked the review of the Superhuman User Onboarding.
  • UserOnboard — Older, but still relevant and opinionated.
More recently, I started a series of presentations tearing down onboarding flows from B2B SaaS companies. I wanted to understand the reasoning behind every detail, pixels and words, that makes the experiences so enticing. FWIW I made this presentation to recap my learnings.