What is the best feedback you have ever received?

Paul-Henri Hersen
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Becoming a manager is one of the hardest things to live in my career. I guess some inspiration won't be useless!


Sara Gifford
Believe it or not, the best feedback I ever got was someone doing the hard thing to tell me the real areas I needed to improve. Its the hardest thing for a manager to do, but the most valuable to the people seeking that feedback. Most employees want to improve & grow. Only telling them their strengths doesn't help them do that.
Paul-Henri Hersen
@sara_gifford It might depend on how this kind of feedback is said. As it can be aggressive quite fast! Yet, you are lucky to have received it in the right way. Does he/she follow up on your progression?
Best feedback I got was that they were honest and said I wasn't great at following through on things but great at launching stuff. Made me stop focusing on things that were drumbeat and instead on things that we short term, exciting to me. But most importantly taught me to surround myself with completer finishers that could take things on.
Paul-Henri Hersen
@maxwellcdavis Interesting. It seems that observation+honesty is a key point here. Thanks for your comment!
Anna Mandziuk πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
The greatest feedback I've ever received was from the CEO of the company I work for @viacheslav_ponomarov! He noticed my passion for marketing and acknowledged it which was an amazing boost in motivation for me! He also challenged my ideas which is crucial and it made me research and dig even deeper to build working strategies. Receiving constructive criticism and feedback is essential and often leads to amazing results.
Paul-Henri Hersen
@anna_mandziuk Thanks for your comments! Indeed, having someone who is deeply invested in your professionnal growth might feel amazing!
Rucha Joshi
The most honest feedback about my improvement areas, but delivered in a way that doesn't feel demotivating. When the manager can make me feel like they are also invested in my growth.