Working on a side project? How much progress did you make this week?

Sharath Kuruganty
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David Marc Siegel
Very little because main work took so much time! :) I work better collaboratively on the side and my recent side projects have been either solo endeavors or pure advisory things where I'm too much on the outside to move the dial significantly.
Joshua Dance
Engineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker
Started a new YouTube channel around finance for humans. Made the first video. Feeling good.
Engineer. Entrepreneur.
I made good progress Sharath. Finished the first draft of my blog... Gathered feedback. Took some time to relax and do other things. Next week is about Version 2 of Thanks!
Victor David
Tech, drums, doggies, coffee by the kilo
Not exactly a side project since it's my main project. But I don't have another job, if that's what having a side project means. Anyway, I made very little progress this week. Was on the road most of the week and today I've been taking it easy.
Shariq A
Added a major new feature to the App, created a quick demo of it and wrote a couple of articles on medium
Shariq A
Here is a short video demonstrating one of the capabilities of the new feature implemented this week. Plan on making more videos over the weekend demonstrating the full capabilities of the new feature
Fixed a ton of bugs on my live streaming saas, but still have some smaller bugs and also working on adding webRTC atm. Overall a mediocrely productive week :/
Himanshu Singh
Front-end Developer
I was working on a side project and this week I have scheduled it to launch on 20 Nov. It will be live at 12:01 am PST. The project is this,
PantherCodx LLP
We are a Shopify Expert.
I was working on a side project and I have published it on Shopify app store, this that app:
Dhruval Parmar
Constantly working 8 hours and Finally here's the results.
Indra kala Gupta
I am a teacher
Ynan Atanacio
I'm just humble sweet person friendly
not as much on this week
Vladimir Levitin
Founder of NextHuman
Spend about 25 hours this week and wrote 3/8 of the content required for launch. Rejected two freelance projects because love the new project too much.
Mukul Rajpoot
Freelance Full-stack Developer
Thinking to start a project, but didn't know about the idea 😅
Dan Leshem
Co-founder & CEO @
Launched private beta. started testing validate the product with potential users ✨
Hassan Shaikh
Building AdShac | 💰 your Influence 🚀
Reviving this side project I did 3 years ago, super excited about it! So many learnings from the mistakes we made last time! Getting started on Canva to build out the marketing materials this weekend :)
Lucian Apostol
Online entrepreneur
This week almost none, because I was busy with another side project.
Maxwell Davis
TweetStores - Launching 3rd February 🚀
Mostly more planning really - working on how we can repurpose the live show into YouTube Videos and blog content.
Zeeshan Hasan
Founder of |
Hey Sharath & fellow hunters Just launched my website It has a collection of the best informative videos that I watched on the startup journey to learn about the products so far. Thought why not share my playlist with everyone & so I made this website Do visit
Rhys Webber
Product Designer @
Quite a lot, almost finished making my first Chrome extension!
Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen
I made more progress today than in many days. Here is a thread on Twitter. Hope it helps others have the confidence to launch - done is better than perfect. Check out the product