Wordpress or Webflow?

Stefan Smiljkovic
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I am interested to know what you pick


Marni Melrose
Webflow any day of the week. Wordpress is a nightmare to keep updated.
Mr Sajunil
It's worth remembering that WordPress began life as a blogging platform. This comes with additional complications, such as being forced to find your own hosting services. Also, unlike Shopify, where you don't have to learn a line of code, you'll need some basic coding knowledge to build your WordPress site. The good news is that WordPress as a whole is much easier to use than Webflow. And the problem with plugins is solved with the wordpress speed optimization service. In the end, a WordPress site can turn out even better.
Cica-Laure Mbappé
I'd say Webflow! I started building websites with WordPress, I still like it, but Webflow has building features that are way more flexible than WP. Oh and Marni is right, updates on WP are the worst.
Ferenc Forgacs
As in most cases, I'd say, it depends. What you'd like to accomplish? I've built several websites with WordPress without any problems. But I've been using it since I don't even remember (probably more than a decade) so now I know what plugins and themes to use to avoid issues and I also know the limitations of it. I haven't used Webflow in a client project so I can't say I know all of its features, but at the moment, I think you can accomplish much more things with the help of WordPress plugins.
Stefan Smiljkovic
@feriforgacs WordPress have huge ecosystem, but with a cost of chaos, security holes, hacks and spam. Not to mention its becomes super slow after few years of run. But its still great tool to build MVP or even working business. Used it many times.
Rizwan Iqbal (Riz)
We are on WebFlow for the last year for our static site and its been wonderful
Stefan Smiljkovic
@automaticalldramatic Good to hear. No headache, pay $20/m and you don't think about getting hacked, spammed, being slow, or to update anything.
Gleb Braverman
Webflow - a bit complicated at the start, but soooo powerful!
Mike Ivars
We have worked with Wordpress for years and now we migrate company site to Webflow. WP self-hosted version require work to keep updated, plug-ins, secure... In the hosted version, it is very easy. It’s more similar to Webflow. For static webs Webflow has a good tool with advantages for front-ends and web designers vs Wordpress, but if you has to manage dynamic content, like a blog, Webflow is a nightmare, is very very slow, and without basic options that become the most simple action in a very difficult or impossible to do.. We didn’t know this before to migrate, and I hope improve it soon..
Stefan Smiljkovic
@ivarsmas I agree with everything you said. WP flexibility and big ecosystem comes at cost with security, spam, updates, being slow after some time. On another hand Webflow for blog and writing really sux. That's why we moved out blog to Ghost which is a beautiful universe comparing to both WP and Webflow. Our challenge was to be able to keep Webflow for our static homepage and other type of pages, and still their frontend builder, but to have at the same time blog hosted on the sub-directory of our main domain (not subdomain) and to be hosted on Ghost or other writing platform. For example https://automatio.co/blog/ is Ghost platform, but homepage of website is actually Webflow. It took us 3 tries for more then year to figure how to do it. Btw, if you need good Webflow designer & developer, you can reach https://www.polywork.com/jelena
Mike Ivars
@stefan_smiljkovic Totally Stefan. We will consider it, thank you! By the way, talking about blogs.., we are preparing in Adtuo some new articles in our blog.. and I think Automatio is an interesting tool, perhaps we can collaborate in a blog post exchange or similar.. What you think about? If you want I can contact you through Polywork.
Gautam Lakum
I would pick Webflow. But it depends on what kind of website you want to build. WordPress has a significant advantage of its plugins. If you're looking to develop custom features for your website, most probably, Webflow won't work. And prospects rarely look for custom features on their website. Most of them look for websites with basic features and a fast turnaround time to build and maintain. So I would pick Webflow.
Stefan Smiljkovic
@gautamlakum Well, its true a WP have huge variate of plugins and ecosystem. But that comes with a cost of security, spam, updates and become super slow over time. On another hand Webflow have their limits, but with other third part tools like MemberStack, Integromat, Airtable, Zapier, Outseta, its open tons of possibility. Specially I found this project recently, which extend Webflow functionality by a lot https://www.wized.io/
Gautam Lakum
@stefan_smiljkovic I completely agree with you. I'm a Webflow developer and a big fan of it. It's my go-to platform to build websites. On the other side, I have worked on many WordPress projects in 12+ years of experience. So, WordPress or Webflow, it depends on the website project requirement. If you go with WordPress and have great WordPress developers, then security, updates, slowness, etc., won't be a problem. So if the website requirement doesn't fit in the NoCode stack, WordPress or a custom web application is a great choice. ✌️
Michael Kawula
Either. I think they're both great. Both have a large community to tap into for assistance with freelancers which is extremely important to me as I don't design. They both load fast, have great mobile user experiences, perform well SEO wise and integrate with tons of apps for custom features. I've recently worked with two different new businesses and one site was build on Webflow and the other WordPress. Happy with both. Hope Automatio is going well my friend (love the site).
Stefan Smiljkovic
@mikekawula Indeed they are both great platforms, and they both have ups and downsides. WP comes with a huge ecosystem of themes and plugins, which also brings potential security risks. Not to mention spam, updates, chaotic and messy UI/UX, and being super slow over time, especially if you have a bigger DB. Webflow is great, but of course, has limits comparing to WP. However, with the rise of third-party tools like MemberStack, Integromat, Airtable, Zapier, Outseta, Wized.io its opens tons of possibilities. Automatio is going well, and we are about to lift it from the ground with monthly packages and a full public launch. If you wanna be one of the first monthly users for $99/m, feel free to reach me and I gonna give you access. Btw, Automatio homepage is built with a Weblfow :)
Michael Kawula
@stefan_smiljkovic I saw you were Webflow (one of my favorite apps is wappalyzer and a great founder also) I just partnered with a great founder for a new project: https://cba.as/ Let me know after looking if you see any ways to utilize your awesomeness. I'm trying to get my outreach team some quality leads. Best leads so far are from a site called Bizbuysell.com but they're slow. Looking for accredited investors Enjoy the weekend and message me if you see a fit and I'll sign up for them. Cheers and congrats ~
Nurlan Nurmanov
I am neither a WordPress nor a security expert, but recently I came across one WP site and I managed to hack it! I found the owner and immediately reported my findings. I think, you should be very careful with WP and make sure that you audited all your security settings and plugins.
I like WordPress, but webflow really nailed the ease of design
Ondřej Valuštík
Webflow, 100%. We are created a product landing page with very beautifull animate without ultimate HTML / CSS skills per week. Check out - www.meetback.io
Isabel Nyo
WordPress has been a popular choice for content & marketing teams. I’ve used it in the past for many companies I worked for due to these pros. - many marketing folks know how to use it - easy for them to be onboarded onto - seo - good extension capabilities - plug-in marketplace - Easy to find talent if you need a contractor or a freelancer to work on a customized plugin The cons: - vulnerabilities - spam - maintenance - it’s not set and forget. You need to remember to upgrade regularly Not as good WYSIWYG like webflow, wix or square I’m using Wordpress for my personal site. You can check it out at http://eisabainyo.net/weblog
Mekkie Bansil
100% webflow forever and ever. I've had 3 wordpress websites fall apart because of security issues (1 my own and two for companies where i was a marketer)...there's just no way around it! although the webflow cms can be a bit painful at times
Azhar Iqbal
with elementor I can say WordPress the best
Andy Bell
Webflow is so much quicker and more flexible. And less buggy.
Kit Fach
I used WordPress for years and just started to hate it so much, plugin updates leave it vulnerable security-wise, and I had to spend a ton of time working on the website. I'm biased because I co-founded a website builder called JetPage.co that's focused on handling all the technical SEO so your website is automatically mobile friendly, Passes Google Core Web Vitals, comes with AWS cloud hosting, and already has a medium-style layout so you can look professional without having to do any web design, and you can just focus on writing. You can even just easily copy and paste from Google Docs and it keeps the formatting. You don't have to do any maintenance and were constantly working with our users to find ways we can improve SEO and performance for all our users. We're really worked on adding a lot of little small touches that just make things more smooth, automatic HTTPS, automatic image compression and conversion to WebP, easily add a favicon without having to dig around in settings, and anything to help users get their content velocity up. We're really new but we've had some pretty cool results from users so far so always excited to get more feedback. Webflow I think is great if you're an experienced web developer who wants to build something very unique, and don't mind spending time on web design.
Reshma S
I'm my perspective, WordPress is the most effective platform for website development. Also for best SEO analysis.
Nancy Nishi
I would pick word WordPress because Simple and easy to use , Stable and innovative ,Attractive design options and Flexibility ·