Are you part of Pioneer Tournament? My project is on rank 4 on global and 1st in Europe currently.

Stefan Smiljkovic
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Hey, guys if you are not aware of Pioneer (, it's a community of founders/makers, participating in a tournament that consists of weekly tasks. You are climbing the leaderboard and can be chosen by an "expert" and become a "Pioneer" which gives you chance to be funded. Along with that, you meet a lot of great people, learn from them, and being able to give your feedback on weekly voting, on how they can do better. Here is my current tournament position for You can ask me anything related to Pioneer, and I will be glad to respond. Peace ✌


Arda Helvacılar
Interesting project. What kind of tasks do you need to accomplish?
Stefan Smiljkovic
@helvacilar As far I remember, first task is to give information about yourself and the project. Then there is a quiz, kinda like IQ test. (its not that important) And then u have weekly obligation to submit your progress update, and then to vote on other people progress update and give them a feedback. If you get upvoted by others and if others like your feedback, you get points and thats how you climb the leader. You also get points getting rated by experts.
Kiran Kanakadandi (
Hi Stefan -- does Pioneer have a video conference where people work together concurrently? And is it free to join?
Stefan Smiljkovic
@kirank5a Hi Kiran. Yes its free. And there were different group Zoom calls every X days, I attended few, because it didn't fit my schedule. But its great place to meet other makers and founders.
Matthew Johnson
We are Pioneers and I tell everyone who will listen they should join the tournament - it helped us immensely in our early days
Stefan Smiljkovic
@mattcrail Indeed its great place, especially for people who are just starting building their firsts businesses/products.