Why include video in your podcast?

Aleks Miric
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Including video in your podcast is really powerful when promoting your podcast on social media (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn). One full episode can give you 10 extra pieces of content. And sharing an interesting short video clip from your latest episode will be way more engaging than just an audiogram. I scroll past so many audiograms daily but pretty much always stop for a short video clip with an interesting headline. One crucial thing to realize is that social media (in general) is way more optimized for video than audio. The majority of people have all the videos in their feed on autoplay. Keep in mind that they're muted by default so make sure to include subtitles. Don't underestimate the effect video has on the human brain. If you found yourself frustrated and hitting the plateau in terms of numbers, this might be your way of progressing. Think about the quality as well though, seeing facial expressions is amazing but not if you can't tell which pixel is what. P.S. I'm using two cheap and simple tools to help me with all this. Links below. Hope this was informative! :)


Aleks Miric
getwelder.com - to record the remote video podcast interviews veed.io - to edit and automatically subtitle the video clips
Johan Cutych
For entrepreneurs, the video is just must-have. There is no reason you should do podcasts without it.