Why did you become a founder?

Nico Muoio
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Rich Watson
I had an idea that I personally wanted but no one was doing it, and it happen to fit a small demand, and knew more could be added to expand on that. so I put some effort into finding like minded people to help me carry out this idea, and it's been successful so far. not sure at what point I would have given up if the initial challenge of finding others to help me create would have been too much. the needed capital didn't stop me, always found a way around to budget for it.
Armen Margarian
Because I needed the product we created :-) called andLawyers - where startups find a lawyer by setting their price, flat fee or hourly, and pay ONLY when they are 100% satisfied with the work done by the attorney!
Danish Jaffer
To make a meaningful impact in changing the world. For me, it was being able to bring people closer and making an avenue for people to have their voices heard.