Who's taking a nap during the day?

Artem Smirnov
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I know I have to take a nap whenever spending half an hour doomscrolling on Twitter feels like a good idea. But the best results I get from napping after having a cup of coffee. By the time caffeine kicks in, I've already had a deep 15min sleep, so I wake up in a much better form than in the morning.


Asif Kamal
lol i can relate
Mayank Gupta
Not me, Idk for me taking a nap makes me more tired
Alfvin Drahoslava
I am now. Much needed nap
Tanoy Chowdhury
Post-lunch nap has become a mandatory part of my day. It helps me to take a break from my task in hand, and then re-focus on it with fresh ideas.
Carlos G✨
Only from time to time, but I'm guilty 🖐🏽
Arko Ganguli
Post lunch nap is essential for me to crank up the ammo for some additional hours later in the evening :)
I don't nap everyday, but when I need one I do it. Everyone should be able to take a 15 minute powernap. It's a crucial parenting skill. I'd do the same thing as you describe: Drink an espresso and then fall asleep on the wheel (of course we are parked somewhere safe). I tell the kids to not make too much noise and set the alarm for 15 minutes. Normally I wake up 2 minutes before the alarm rings. Based on research: power naps (<15 minutes) are great for performance, but doesn't help you with creative tasks. For those you need longer naps (> 30 minutes). But with longer naps you need longer to feel awake. You first have that groggy "I just woke up feeling"
Cica-Laure Mbappé
Napping after lunch is a good way to refresh your mind. I try to do it sometimes but my thoughts are racing so I can't fall asleep 😅 . Meditation is a great option too!
I take a nap when I feel I really need one. it only makes me more productive later.