Anybody building browser extensions?

Artem Smirnov
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I'm building DetoxBox, a Chrome extension, and I was wondering if anybody here got as far as having a working version and getting some traction. I'm very close to launching mine (just need to approve the API access), and I'm wondering if I'm missing some unexpected roadblocks down the road. For example, is it true that people expect browser extensions to be free, and even a few dollars make them go away with "I'll just do it manually" attitude? What is your experience with that? What is the one-time price point that people would be willing to pay in the B2C market? Are there any examples of successful extensions (meaning 100's or even 1000's MRR)?


Fabian Maume
People like free stuff. Paid extension can have some traction, but I would strongly recommend you to have some kind of fermium. The indexation on the Chrome store take the number of download into account, so having some free version to boost the download count is nice to have.
Petr Němec
I'm using only free extension personaly. But some are adones of paid saas like hubspot
I have purchased screen recording tools as chrome extensions before. But now many free and better alternatives available in the market. My app has a free extension that's part of the utility and value proposition - to collect and save info from the web and download kindle highlights. If you are solving specific problems and creating values, then yes, you should ask for some monetary values in exchange. There are many apps are doing that. Share your app link to see them.
I recently launched a micro SaaS web app @Yizy that works with the help of Chrome/Edge browser extensions. It is basically a bookmarking solution for web designers, front end developers, graphic designers...etc. As for traction it has seen considerable usage with in few days and as pricing goes it has 14 day trial period with no limitation. I think having some kind of freemium is a must in today's competitive market.
Artem Smirnov
@yizy Do you have any users that discover your app through the Web Store?
@artem_smirnov we just optimized the web store listing but so far our GA says 25% of our users came from Chrome 😊
Artem Smirnov
Actually, there is a great example of a successful extension -- Grammarly. It's freemium, of course.