Who is planning to launch or make a comeback in 2022?

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Are you planning to launch in 2022, or did you already launch, but it failed, and you're wishing to make a comeback? Share your product below, which month you plan to (re)launch, 3 main outstanding tasks, and what you think could go wrong?


Ira GI
We plan to launch in January.
I just started a month ago and I plan to make 2022 my year.
Matt Laybourn
Hey Zadiq, we're planning to launch www.rockee.io in January. Outstanding tasks: 1. Update website, our holding page is different from how the MVP has turned out as we spoke to more customers 2. Run a test through Wynter. I loooove this product, so looking to get some final verification on messaging/GTM voice from our target audience. 3. Start making content - most of the plan is in place, but we're going with a low-budget video/podcast series which is focused on problems we've uncovered (situation), the conflict it creates and (hopefully!) the solution. What could go wrong? Despite our research, there's still this fear that no-one will care, our market potential initially isn't huge. And in truth that's quite possible. So any tips on the 'little victories' to take from those first steps and launches would be appreciated :)