What tools are you using for live customer support?

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Was wondering what are the best affordable live support tools for customers out there. Intercom is a quite popular one, but can be expensive for new startups. I've been looking into https://www.btw.so/ and https://www.chatwoot.com/ for the product I am building - https://www.producthunt.com/upco... Any other recommendations?


Maxwell Davis
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Haven't launched yet but I know @k_j1 uses Hubspot for her product.
Everett Berry
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Built in intercom is the best pattern.
Maciej Cupial
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We use LiveChat, but I'm not super happy with it. I could change it to something more developed.
Building saax.io
@maciej_cupial What issues have you faced with LiveChat so far?
Arda Bayram
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I used Desk360 before. Currently, I and @hellokfk are building upcalled.com. You should definitely check it out! Planning to launch in the upcoming weeks 👀
Lusine Mkhitaryan
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We are using Replain's chatbot, which is a very handy tool but it needs some improvements on which they are already working.
Nikita Dutta
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The best live customer support tool that I came across is Chat Metrics (chatmetrics.com), where a team of professional agents is available all the time to interact with your website visitors. The best part is that managed live chat will enable you to double up your sales within a very short period of time, and you can get the maximum number of qualified leads.
Jared Cornell
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Yes, I agree with you that Intercom is quite expensive and may not be the best option for small businesses. As an alternative, we are using ProProfs Help Desk to support our customers 24x7. On one hand, our agents can interact with customers in real-time via live chat and on the other hand, we have developed powerful chatbots to assist customers with their basic queries. So when our competitors take days to reply, our business is always available round-the-clock. ((https://www.proprofsdesk.com/))