Who is a non-technical builder here? What are you building?

Mayank Mishra
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Non-tech builders are the minority in the tech world, but with the advent of no-code tools, the long-term dream of democratizing building is becoming real. So what are you building? Let's support the no-code builders!


Anil Meena
currently, I am building a form builder!!! would show you soon 🤘
ᗰᗩ᙭ ᒍ.
We actually launched yesterday!🎉🎉 '✌ melink' is a tool for networking, where you can create and share your free digital contact card!
It's interesting because before we started building I didn't know about no-code tools. So I went looking for a technical co-founder to build. Would probably have a go at no-code next time round!
@mishra_mayank Well I spend most of my time just trying to comprehend what the developer is talking about!
I'm building/ Have built my website in webflow. And my business and life planners/workspaces in Notion :)
Nonopa Vanda
Building a Marketplace for Product Managers. :) I'm looking particularly into having roles in Blockchain and all the new stuff that comes with Web3. I also want it to have a consultancy feature where early-stage/startups/SMMEs and Big companies can consult with PMs to help in navigating their Product Strategy and GTM Strategy. Companies that have PMs may benefit from the diversity of maybe having to consult a PM who's fluent in Product Analytics while yours may be fluent in Product Strategy. It's basically Toptal, but specifically for Product. :) I'm learning No-Code so that will be my little project. I'll probably build it with Bubble or just buy a template.
Ankit R
I agree totally! I'm a BD/sales guy (engineer but non-CS) and had a bit of downtime after my first failed start-up during the pandemic where I learnt to build webapps on bubble.io. Loved the experience and actually have an MVP ready for launch! Just joined PH to find some early testers/feedback and possibly some customers!
Khushi Sharma
Hi Mayank, Not a core non-technical builder, but have been using no-code since quite a while. I recently built a passwordless clone of a social media application using Bubble and SAWO. Was quite fun to be honest :)
Mayank Mishra
@khushi_sharma22 great Khushi! How was your experience with Bubble and Sawo?