Who else is launching next week?

Piotr Pawłowski
23 replies
Hi! We're launching www.firmbee.com on Monday. Tell me about your product and date of launch so that we can discover each others products and support each other with comments and Upvotes.


Żaneta Siwik
Fingers crossed for the launch!
Congrats! I can't wait!
Natalia Jaros
Can't wait for your launch! Good luck.
Carsten Pleiser
All the best for the launch. Thursday's aren't as bad as everyone says.
Piotr Pawłowski
@ckpleiser actually we're launching on Monday due to some special reasons. Are you launching on Thursday?
Carsten Pleiser
@piotr_pawlowski Yep, we're currently launching today ;)
Björn Morén
Good luck Piotr. Cool animation of the text where it says "Manage your firm’s..."
Raymond Huang
Congrats! We just launched yesterday! Really excited now!
Sydney Campos
ASCEND Just launched 2-22-22 ❤️❤️👑👑 check us out and upvote if called! New social network - the one we wish existed, so we built it 🧬🧬 Producthunt.com/posts/ascend-5
Elena Cirera
Congratulations on your product launch; wishing you a successful launch!
Nikita Kukreja
Congrats on the launch! We're launching Cosmos Video (meetings and co-working tool) next week (09/03), would be grateful to have your support! :)
James Augeri
🔎 launching Breeze, a search engine -- we've been doing topic searches, we just added universal search to find any content on the web 💻 re: https://breezethat.com/