Which Twitter tools do you use to build an audience or amp up your content game?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Graeme O’Connor
On the analytics side you have followerwonk, Ilo, Blackmagin and Typefully Tweetdeck is great for visibility on a number of accounts you follow (and being ready to jump into conversations) On the content side there are a number of editing / reposting tools (but wouldn't be able to recommend one in particular) Recently did this course https://www.findyourfollowing.com/ and can highly recommend. A bargain for the price.
Divyansh Patel
I recently got to learn about https://www.producthunt.com/post... made by @ana.datsenka It helps you find good inspiration for various ad campaigns run by various other companies.
Massimo Chieruzzi
Lately I've been using more and more Hypefury. It provides an acceptable level of analytics even tho' it's not the main focus of the tool. The main pro of Hypefury is really scheduling and helping you become an unstoppable tweet machine. Thread writing is amazing and it provides you recommendations from popular tweets by niche and much more. I wrote a quick review here: https://divbyzero.com/reviews/hy...
Finding best content using this search app https://birdsearch.softr.app/ It's an app that aims to make Twitter search more accessible to everyone while also displaying all of the secret search operators.
Hypefury all the wayyy. Helped me make more money than I did on the day of my ebook launch from their sales feature. Their recurrent posts is running my Twitter on autopilot for 2 months and I got more followers than the last 4 months combined. This is on top of the scheduling/inspiration features. Love love love using it!
Yannick Veys
I’m not at all biased of course… 🙈https://hypefury.com is a great tool to amp up your content game and automate a lot of things about your Twitter strategy.
Bryce Murray
@yannick_veys Woahh. Just found this. It's awesome. Great job.
Thanks for starting a conversation on this topic. Twitter seems a hard nut to crack when it comes to increasing followers :)
Caroline Schneider
Here are my main 2 tips for building a following on Twitter: A) Be consistent: Most people start and do the thing for a few weeks, then stop because there is no success. B) Engage with large accounts and those who produce quality content. It's crucial. Nobody cares about you if you're new. You build your credibility by engaging with others. It's much more important than producing tweets/threads. Good luck with building your following! :)
saif khan
@sharathkuruganty you can use Twitter analytics to keep track of your activity :) https://analytics.twitter.com/about
Jay Dee
Been using our own web toolkit called GrindZero, which we just launched for public beta not even a week ago. Planning to do a proper PH launch once we iron out all the kinks! Can't wait!
Roi Sorezki
We use a few, here are a couple; One is BuiltWith, you can use their premium subscription to download an audience list of product users (ie. sites using Google Analytics). The exported list will also include the twitter accounts of all sites using the specified service. You may also download a sha256 hash audience list directly from their reports area and then import it to twitter https://developer.twitter.com/en... Another one we use it one very own product, twik. It was designed to support our every need and therefore serves us best. You can see a list of its audience targeting metrics & KPIs here- https://bit.ly/34HqyBc (These belong to our enterprise dashboard which is a bit different from the SMB product currently featured here on the site). We then fire Twitter pixels as JS variants to record the audience-specific users we defined and can then easily retarget them.
Akriti Vyas
Social Pilot is one of the best Twitter tools to build an audience. After launching Boltic tomorrow, we have planed to spread a buzz on Twitter and will surely use this tool for that.
I highly recommend using tweethunter.io for inspiration, and typefully.com for writing threads.
Laura Dawson
I recently tested Twitter Spaces and received an overwhelming response to it. I think I will continue with it for a while now.
Rajiv Verma
I primarily use Hypefury. It does have some great and thought-through features that keep me going. I also use Tweetdeck, primarily to monitor and join a discussion that I might be interested in. On the Analytics front, I find BlackMagic by @trungdq88 to be the BEST. Even though I am still on the Pro version as my audience is yet to be something significant.
Devanand Premkumar
Pretty interesting topic for sure. The tools and insights shared are very useful. New tools to explore. Lots to do before I sleep... lots to do :)
Md Shadab Alam
I used https://feedhive.io/ to schedule the content, Recently they were doing a lifetime deal so bough that really worth it, at that cost. I like their calendar feature a lot.
Leif Latiff
https://www.Queue.so to schedule my tweets straight from Notion page. https://www.BlackMagic.so for analytics & growth. And of course, Twitter.