Which technology stack do you prefer for your startup?

Hardik Raval
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I had a couple of questions and would really appreciate your feedback. Which programming language do you prefer for building your website? Is it always PHP (Laravel, CodeIgniter etc) or other languages such as Java? If it's PHP, is it always because it's easy to code and fewer deployment headaches? Thanks, Hardik


Jack Davis
For a startup in general it really depends on what your product is. For example if you are building an iOS mobile app than Swift is going to be ideal. But if you want to build an Android app you might want to look at Flutter. If you are looking at web, the ones you suggested are fine and it might come down to a personal preference. Web can be quite broad so it is hard to suggest without fully knowing the product and what needs you will have.
Hardik Raval
Indeed, it looks like we have different options based on what type of application we want to develop. I really appreciate your feedback, thanks.
Sreekanth PM
The one which you are good at!