Which software do you use to collect & display customer testimonials and video reviews?

Nadiia Shevelieva
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If you're focused on your business growth, gathering social proof and building trust is a part of your daily routine. Which tools do you use for that and what you like & dislike about them? Which problems you face or what features you miss for this process to make it easier? If you don't have any, how do you handle this process?


Bassel Daoud
Well, i m here to meet good people.
Write me direct to my Gmail Inbox here. basseldaoud97@gmail.com
Nadiia Shevelieva
Chief marketing officer at Trust
@gmail @bassel_daoud Thank you, will do tomorrow!
Daniyar Yeskaliyev
Castofly launch is LIVE 🚀
me and @imanmoaz use our own product - Castofly - a lot !
Damon Chen
Building Testimonial.to
Coming in a bit late here, but if you're still looking I built Testimonial. You might find it to be a good solution :)