Which social platform has had the most positive impact in your life, and why?

Harsh Gupta
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Shariq A
LinkedIn is great. You start seeing the benefits once your network starts growing. https://www.apioncloud.com
Ana Dodig
None. In my opinion the positive sides (such as being connected to friends, be able to share some special moments with those who live abroad) are so insignificant compared to the negative ones: we have become lazy, antisocial, we measure values according to the likes, we believe in wrong image of happiness, we are soo passive for some actions, we can be all day long just scrolling, we can't enjoy in holiday because we need to document every detail on IG, etc ... If it was to me, I would just leave Google and Messenger in the internet and delete all the social platforms.
Victor David
@dodig_ana You have astute observations and are a kindred spirit, Ana. Plus, anybody that has a movie poster/article with Mads Mikkelsen on their web site is a-okay with me. I love his films.
Ana Dodig
@codemongo ahahaha thanks Victor! Glad I have a kindred soul here. As for observations, I really do feel we all need to disconnect if we want to preserve ourselves. We need that final dance scene like Mads in Druk :)
Amarnath Nagula
Twitter had the most positive impact on my life. Every time, I log in, I learn about something exciting, fun, and trending topics, these days I'm into investing, crypto, no-code movement and design. I didn't find any other social media platform which would provide me latest updates and trends on topics that i'm intrested in :)
Olivia Bridges
Twitter! I learned a lot from Twitter, and I get the experience of learning from the life and work of CEO and experienced persons.
Twitch for sure - met so many great and supportive people on there from all walks of life and around the globe. Oh and also Slack via @tiagorbf 's Wannabe Entrepreneur Group!
Atul Ghorpade
LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit
Steve Procter
all of them. equally. negatively. socialmedia === wrong.
Jaskiran Kaur
Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and at some point in my life Facebook too. I am really excited for Metaverse though.