If you had to start all over again in your startup, what is 1 thing you would do?

Harsh Gupta
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Our product is an automated machine learning product. If I had to redo one thing, I would have focussed on web application part from day 1. Instead we focussed on getting data science part right first.


John Kumar
I wouldn't be seeking funding before we made sales. wasted time for us
Audrey Williams
hire best developers from day 1
Shades (dreamio.org)
@audrey_williams1 good advice. Did you hire crappy developers?
K.A. Mulenga
Research more before diving right in like a headless chicken!
@k_a_mulenga Could you expand more on this?
K.A. Mulenga
@footer I didn't do my research regarding self publishing i.e. budgets and marketing plan. I just dove in head first!
Siddhesh Lokare
Start with a micro niche product (for eg : Cold calling model instead of sales model) and leverage one social media channel for initial months!
Taras Lanchev
Do a lot of more customer interviews and analyse them better to find actual pain points
Dagobert Renouf
I feel shame from my answer because everybody had warned me about this... but I would start promoting it sooner (before product is done) to get more feedback. Would have saved a bit of time.
Jason Cavness
I would learn how to code myself. That way I could build the MVP myself.
Marek Sotak
Write more. Write more content for inbound marketing.
Tyler Dane
I would've started building an audience on day 1
Miguel Baquero
Reduce the planned features backlog by a half.
Arturo Portilla
Using SaaS products for leveraging my time instead building all tools and services by my self. for short - using a serverless MVP.
Rui Baltazar
Build an audience as your alpha users as soon as you have something.
Sergio Cardenas
Marketing. 1. Setup landing page then site (buy template, use SEO ready software), 2. Setup email signup form, 3. Start talking about it anywhere you can Reddit, Twitter, IndieHackers, etc... Funny all this can be done in 1 day and the breadcrumbs begin. 😂
I would have learned the SEO from day one to get organic traffic.