Which social network are you most active on?

Shiva Prabhakaran
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I recently joined LinkedIn after a hiatus because a good portion of my audience is active there. Before that I didn't really see any value in it. I'm not on Instagram and I don't see any value there as well. I use Twitter primarily to log into my PH account. I visit my Facebook account once a month or so. I'm on Reddit but I do not interact with people, I just consume content. There are a few other niche networks I used to be a part of like IndieHackers and Designer News which I longer use. What social networks are you most active on?


Jing Hu
I think it depends on your product's audience? For B2B, Linkedin is the best. FB, IG are typically for B2C, thought you can argue that you have the chance to connect with individual with purchasing power. I am on IG at the moment (and auto publish the same content on FB), linkedin (not paying too much attention thought), and going to build an Youtube channel. Tried Clubhouse... not my style, too much noise and too little chance to speak.
linkedin / twitter
Jeanette Ward
It really depends on the product you are in...What exact product? In fact, any social network can be used to your advantage. Except for specific niche or musical ones. For example, I use LinkedIn mostly, since most of my audience is there too... like yours. But I have a B2B business. It's also good to use IG but you need to target your audience properly. In general, a presence on social networks is a must in our time. For more credibility of the account, for example, in LinkedIn, I buy a small number of subscribers from https://socialsgrow.com/buy-link... and set up a posting plan. So far, everything works and doesn't take much time. Regarding other social networks, I advise you to understand how they can help you and start using in this direction. And then you can choose. All of them have huge potential.